My 2nd month AT&T bill for two iPhone5 and mobile data share plan was overcharged

I've received AT&T bill for this month and it's $295.36. With my Mobile data share plan + unlimited talk&text for two iPhone5 should be around $120 or something with some company discount, but I was able to see that AT&T charged "Service Change Fee" twice for my previous temporary number, which is actually same as "activation fee". 

So I've made a phone call to AT&T customer center. Within 20 minutes of talk with AT&T customer center, it's magically decreased from $295.36 to $117.59. It should be $117.59 from the first, but I feel like I've earned $180 within 20 minutes. 

I've read bunch of article on web about AT&T's mischarge against customer even before when I use AT&T in the states, and that's why I didn't set up automatic recurring payment for AT&T account. Looks like I made a correct decision?

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